Saturday, July 3, 2010

Canberra escort - Canberra dining - Mezzalira

Mezzalira Ristorante - cnr London ct and West Row

Known as one of Canberra's most awarded restaurants. Italian Fine Dining.

When we arrived we waited in the doorway for a good 10mins for someone to show us to our seats. We were seated at a small table that had been set for 2. There was 3 of us.
We were seated on a lounge type seat which by the end of the night 2 of us had sore bums and backs.

We decided to try the degustation menu as it was our first time at this restaurant.
I cant get onto the website to give you the proper names of the dishes but will write them in my way..

First course was a pumkin tortellini. It was absolutely devine. very small portion, yes I know its a tasting menu but I could have eaten an entire bowl of that dish. it had a burnt butter sauce the pasta was cooked perfectly and the pumpkin filling was creamy.

Second course was a morten bay bug with god knows The bug had been burnt on the outside so trying to scrap the meat from it left charcol bits all over the plate. again..tiny portion

Third course was a mushroom risotto. I dislike mushrooms but am happy to pick them out. I however managed to get the plate that was pretty much all mushroom with a couple of bits of rice.

Fourth course was a steak (I rekon approx 100gms) with potato and something else. It was very nice, steak was cooked exactly to my liking, but my poor friend almost vommitted as she cant stand the sight of blood in her meat. And sent it back.

Fifth course was desert. An overly rich flourless chocolate cake with espresso ice cream. I have the biggest sweet tooth so I found it fantastic. But my friend doesnt have a sweet tooth and hates coffee....oops should have realised this when we ordered. my bad.

Unfortunately after all this food which sounds like alot we were barely full. With a degustation menu I have tried at any other restaurant in Canberra I have barely been able to move, this was a let down.

would I go back? Yes, only to have much much more of that first dish. I think that would have to be my favourite dish ever. big call. but it was just brillant.

I have just googled reviews on this place to find all negative responses. Check out not good. I will try them again but if its a let down again then I wont be back.

Melbourne escort tour

Myself, Chloe and Mason are all heading to Sensualdownunders drinks night in Melbourne and squeezing in a tour while we are there. And of course a bit of shopping as unfortunately Canberra lacks high end labels such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel etc. We do have a hugo boss here though. but I'm not a fan of hugo. not my thang. We also just had a sass and bide open up. noice.

I also just found out Lani will be there too.. YAY!

So hopefully lots of antics and fun to report. :)

Dinner tonight with the lovely Miss Hannah Leu...oh crap. how ever you spell it lol.. Who is touring Canberra at the moment. I went out last night for dinner and froze. It was sooo cold. So many many more layers for tonight.

Today I took Mason shopping for some nice smart winter clothes. very hotttt! kinda looks like Jude Law :)

canberra escort photos

A photo from my latest shoot that didnt make the cut. But I love it. :) so thought I would add it here for those of you who read my blog :)

canberra escort Melbourne escort Sydney escort

Last year I was in Wollongong and wanted to check out the local WL's for a massage+ well you know. Anywho I couldnt find much down there. We all know about the forums and vast reviews that are on their but today I stumbled across this handy little site for Iphones...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Priavte numbers

This is going to be a bit of a rant, winge and a moan. And useful information for Gentlemen who try and making bookings without providing a contact number

I had recieved a booking today from a gentlmen who claimed he had seen me before. He wanted a B&D session and asked me to dress in my fetish gear. Now, I dont know if people understand just how long it takes to get into anything that is made from leather or PVC.
Stockings, boots, underwear, a pvc dress that requires alot of effort to pull up, gloves, belts and any embellisments like chockers etc to make the outfit smokin!.
A good 15 to 20 mins it takes me to get all this on. I await his arrival. And of course.....
He doesnt show up. He rang on a private number and I didnt get a contact number. I spent half an hour sitting around in my mistress gear feeling very uncomfortable for no reason at all.
This is a fantastic example of why I dont take bookings from private numbers.
Other reasons:
  • security - I invite you into my home, I will get naked and provide a sexual service. If you decide to rape a WL and she doesnt even have a contact number how would it ever be able to be traced.
  • Arrangenments need to be changed - Like the address for a double or the time needs to be changed due to personal reasons. If no number was provided you waste your time by turning up and I may not be able to see you.

So thats the reasons I can think of. All I can suggest is that you take this on board next time a WL asks you for a contact number.

I know some people may not be able to provide a number for what ever reason but I cannot provide a service if I do not feel safe.

If you cannot make a booking, at the next available minute you get an apology doesnt go astray either. Even if you got called into an emergancy meeting and cant ring the WL until the next day. Its still polite. And will keep you off her naughty list. :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

All things Ambrosia

So, finally I have a blog. YAY. I'm going to write about all things Canberra and of course all things Ambrosia.
Keep in mind I'm a light hearted simple fun loving girl. So nothing to serious unless it comes to food.
If you read my blog and have an opinion on something I have written please write a comment or send me an email.
Lets see how we go
happy reading